Blouse: C&A // Jacket (old): Pimkie // Pants: Asos : Shoes(old): Tally Weijl // Clutch+Necklace: Mangotouch // Bracelet: Primark

Do you know this problem? 
 What looks better...shall I wear my blouse in or over the pants...:)
Most of the time I wear it in but it still depends on my mood...
So how do you like to wear blouses?... And please give me the tip.. In or Out :)

And buy the way a friend of me needs your help too..He participate in the game
"Millionärsauswahl" please give him your like: here

Have a great weekend 
xoxo Shara

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  1. Great boots and shirt!


  2. Hi Shara, it depends. When I wear an oversize shirt I usually put it in. But when I wear a fitted one I leave it out. Btw have I ever told you I love your hair? Have a nice Sunday.
    xx Eve.h

  3. Cute outfit! I really like your blouse. Tartan is such a great pattern :-) xx


Thanx,Merci,Danke for your support!

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