I like to keep my daily makeup routine simple,I consider my morning skincare and makeup routine like a small 15 minute treat  with a few important things in mind:
Step 1:  Cleaning and moisturizing your skin

Step 2: Primer. If I want a longlasting Make up for the whole day I use my Smashbox Foundation Primer!I love it because it makes my skin so soft!

Step 3: Foundation. I turned darker since I came back from vacation so I had to get a new foundation. So I am Using Dior Nude 040 or Mac N040! When I have less time I apply my Couverance creamy powder Miel. ├Łou can get it in the drugstores

Step 4: Concealer: I conceal and brighten the darker shades under my Eyes with the creamy concealer from Kiko 02.

Step 5: Blush: after applying my foundation its time for blush- which colour I use mostly depends on my mood!
My favorite colors at the moment are Essence Blush 01, its very pinkish and Kiko soft touch 101!

Step 6: Eyebrows. You can rarely see my brows because of my hairstyle so most of the time I am using an only brush to bring them in the right form. 
Step 7: Eyes. My daily make up only consist of mascara and eyeliner. I use mascara Lancome Noir because the pigmentation is intense and I honestly using it since I am 18..still the best brand:) 
The Maybelline liquid eyeliner is so easy to apply so you can fastly make a accurate line.

Step 8: Lips. This step is the most important step- as you know I never never never ever go out without any kinds of lipstick.Of course all shades of red:) So last but not least I apply lipstick. The Maybelline 14h Lipsticks are my fave, really longlasting (not more than 6 hours) you can eat and drink and its still on your lips  :)  

The End :) Ready to start the day !!

xoxo Shara

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